Universal Translation Services is looking for translators to work Price : 1000 $

Universal Translation Services is urgently looking for experienced freelance translators in these language combinations: German-Dutch, FinnishGerman, Dutch-French, GermanSwedish, GermanNorwegian, GermanDanish, French – Norwegian.
We are searching for people with good knowledge of a foreign language, who are available full-time or part-time, with a responsible attitude, as deadlines can be very tight in the translation business.
You need to have a technical, legal or medical background and very good knowledge of a foreign language. You will only translate into your native language.
We have developed an advanced project management system for our translation projects and you will be asked to do a test translation. After evaluating your test, you will be connected to our project management software where you can reply to job offers. If you are interested in working as a translator, please send us an email to [email protected]

$ 1000

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