we sale worldwide and our prices are negotiated depending on your order and your country as well. our strains are organically grown and well crafted without any chemicals impurity. their purity ranges from 99.89% -99.99%

*green crack::::::::::::: grade: aa
*sour diesel :::::::::::::::grade: a+ top shelf
*grand daddy purple ::::grade: a
*sensi star x ak47 :::::::grade: aaa
*afghan kush :::::::::::::grade: a
*northern lights #5 ::::::grade: a+
*lemon drop:::::::::::::::grade: a+
*purple kush:::::::::::::::grade:a+ top shelf
*og kush ::::::::::::::::::grade:a++ top shelf
*purple-urkle::::::::::::::grade: a-

others include:

red magic,
kush herbal incense,
mr.nice guy.
cloud 10,
space herbal incense,
black mamba,
spike max,
funky skunk,
sex pot,
bayou blaster,
california orange buds,
haiwan buds,
crunky monkey,
sour dream
silver haze
sour diesel
cherry pie
strawberry cream
hindu kush,
algerian herbal blend,
white window,
white rhino,
snow white,
pep spice 3,
jamaican gold budd,
and others

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