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sap apo course content:
sap apo online training
what is sap apo ?
sap (advanced planning and optimizer) or sap (apo)is the planning component within the mysap scm solution. apo is an acronym for advanced planner and optimizer. this is a large component of sap's new dimension products. apo is an entire suite of supply chain planner applications that increase overall knowledge of the supply chain and provide forecasting, planning and optimization.
there are eight application levels within sap apo: network design, supply network planning, demand planning, production planning and detailed scheduling, transportation planning and vehicle scheduling, global availabilty and supply chain collaboration.
the sap apo is not a standalone application and requires a backend erp system such as sap r/3 for the execution. sap r/3 communicate with sap apo using the the apo core interface (cif) which supplies sap apo with the master and the transaction data in the real time.
course details
module 1 - demand planning: ( hands on training ) -
1. introductions, apo overview
2. overview of demand planning concept
3. data mart, info-cubes & demand planning
4. Planning area and planning books
5. macros & notes
6. Interactive planning
7. statistical toolbox, promotions and life cycle planning
8. mass processing and release of plans
9. exception processing and alert generation
module 2 - supply network planning / (cif) ( hands on training ) ?
1. overview of supply planning concept
2. supply planning, interactive supply planning, integration with other scm components
3. planning methods: heuristics, optimization & ctm
4. deployment
5. transport load builder
6. releasing supply plans to dp, ppds, ecc
7. cif core interface : introduction to architecture of integration
8. master data, integration to r/3
9. planning in ecc - apo with integration model generation
10. initial & change transfers, background jobs
11. monitoring & handling cif errors
12. comparison & reconciliation
module 3 - global available-to-promise: ( hands on training )
1. overview of availability management in ecc-apo
2. principles and configuration of availability check
3. check using product allocations
4. advanced methods
5. rule based check
6. multi-level atp
7. explanation & simulation feature
8. global atp/optp interface
module 4 ? production planning/detailed scheduling: ( hands on training )
1. overview of ppds, prerequisites, prod. planning with ecc
2. master data & transaction data integration with ecc, snp, dp, gatp
3. demand management, requirements & sales orders in ppds
4. production planning strategies (make-to-order, make-to-stock)
5. planning heuristics
6. capacity requirements, capacity planning / leveling
7. optimizer
8. exception processing, alert generation
9. free discussions, questions
10. consulting practice planning
11. further reference sources
12. conclusion

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