Country house for sale in Bakersville, North Carolina, United States Price : 512800 $

17.182 Acres with Farm House and roaring creek! 2 homes on Big Rock Creek, 3388+- sq ft 4 BR 2 BA with open kitchen beautiful Oak Cabinets. 17.182 ac open fields trimmed with trees. Property runs center of Big Rock Creek 1660'+ full of native stock Trout. Enjoy the view sound of the creek from almost every room. Spectacular views of 6,285 Elev. Roan Mtn, Eagle Cliffs. 2nd house is 2 BR 2BA mobile, make a great caretakers, in-law or rental unit. Picture book in every way. Within 1 minute of school, Church and Drive In, Within 20 min of Walmart super center, town Interstate 26, 30 min to Hospital University. Beautiful Community! Amenities: Cooking Facilities

Area: 0 square feet
Rooms: 0
Toilets: 0
Elevator: -
Garage: -
Furnished: -
Heating: -
Air conditioning: -

$ 512800

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