1-Methylcyclopropylene (1-MCP) CAS: 3100-04-7 Price : 0 $

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1-MCP is a new type of plant preservative found in recent years. It can effectively inhibit the after-ripening and aging of fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is non-toxic and harmless. Compared with cold storage and air conditioning, 1-MCP can save a lot of land and electric energy, without polluting the environment and keeping fruits fresh.

We offer:

Nano-solid-loaded sustained-release chlorine dioxide. IT IS POWDER.

It adopts α-cyclodextrin embedding technology, and the cyclodextrin and the active small molecule upstream of chlorine dioxide are combined into non-bonded type by van der Waals force, hydrogen bond, coulomb force, hydrophobic force Compound material, which prevents rapid evaporation of chlorine dioxide, improves stability, regulates release rate, and reduces irritation.

The Safety Exposure Value of our chlorine dioxide is 0.01-0.09ppm, less than WHO required 0.1ppm. It’s slow release cycle is 1-3 months.

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Contact: Ms.Saturn Han
WhatsApp / Wechat / MP:+8613939070365
Email: [email protected]


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