100M Ribbon Barcode Label Printer Price : 0 $

Website: http://www.idprtprinters.com
1. Product Information

Model Number: iE4S

Entry level Thermal Transfer desktop 4 inch barcode printer

2. Product Features

1. Supporting 100m ribbon loading.

2. Multiple programming language iDPL, ZPL-II, TSPL, EPL2,DPL

3. Different solution of TPH easy replace and auto detected.

4. 50km printing live with high quality.

5. Multi optional accessories supported, such as cutter module, peeler module, WiFi Module, Bluetooth Module, External Label Rack, etc.

3. Our Advantages

iDPRT barcode printer applies to a wide range of media, such as the continuous paper, gap paper, black mark paper, perforated paper, wristband, satin, etc.. It is widely used in the area of government, healthcare, retail, manufacture and logistics, etc.


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