6 Inch Thermal Transfer RFID Industrial Printer Price : 0 $

Website: http://www.idprtprinters.com
1. Product Information

Model Number: iX6P

Professional 6 inch high speed 600m ribbon RFID Thermal Transfer industrial barcode printer

2. Product Features

1. Supports more than 10 kinds of printing consumables, and has a wide range of applications

2. Equiped with 3.5 inch color tough screen for easy operation

3. Optional Wifi,High frequency/ultra high frequency RFID

4. High Printing Speed

5. Smart Printing fuction to support label format input and print without PC

6. Easy operation and maintainance, and the TPH module is easily replaced and configured automactically.

3. Our Advantages

iX6P equipped with original design and practical features superior to other products, enjoy the convenience of an excellent printing solution. Label printing not only requires long-lasting stability in industrial applications, higher speed and better performance are needed, and iX6P could give you both. iT combined the powerful CPU processing and top-level configuration, no matter what printing mission, it can release the outstanding performance. With the high-speed performance, the efficiency is significantly improved.

4. Solution for Public Sector

Everyday we can see many banners, warning labels, cable labeling, RFID tags printed in many different kind materials in the public places.

iDPRT iX6P barcode printers, with the advanced technology, could print on many different kind of materials with different thickness, coatings, toughness, elasticity, etc.


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