80mm Linerless Label Printer Price : 0 $

Website: http://www.idprtprinters.com
1. Product Information

Model Number: D31

Entry level Linerless Direct Thermal Clam Shell Wireless Bluetooth desktop 3 inch label printer

2. Product Features

1. Specialized in printing linerless paper

2. Maximum print width is 80mm,

3. Top paper feeding and exiting, and big label roll compartment

4. Built-in power adapter, wiring neatly and space-saving

5. Connecting by USB or wireless Bluetooth.

6. Linerless print solution to reduce packaging waste

3. Our Advantages

1. Print linerless paper could be friendly to the environment and no waste of resource

2. Durable thermal print head with clear and higher printing quality

3. iDPRT label printers are widely used in medical and hospital department, shopping mall, super market, retail shops and restaurant chain.

4. iDPRT entry-level linerless print solution help reduce packaging waste, improve the efficiencies, save time and money, etc.

5. iDPRT Linerless printing is popular in food retail and postal sector.


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