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Electric Vibrayor Motor YZO-5-4 From China. YZO-5-4 vibrayor motor has a max vibration force of 5kn, its standard speed is 1430RPM. It can be used for small vibrating machines.

Electric Vibrayor Motor YZO-5-4 From China Main

Main Specifications Of Electric Vibrayor Motor YZO-5-4:

Power: 380V-400V, 3phase, 50HZ, 0.25KW(0.3HP)

Rated Vibration Force:5KN (0.5 Ton)

High-Temperature Resistance: 120℃

Ambient: <40℃

Altitude: ≤1000meters

Working Mode: S1

Standard: CE, CCC

Insulation Class: F

Protect Feature: IP54(IP54-IP66)

Efficiency: IE 3

Color: blue and red/orange

Poles: 4


Outer Dimensions:310x220x210mm

Mounting dimensions:180*110mm

Bolts: 4xM16

Electric Vibrayor Motor YZO-5-4 From China Back View

Product Feature And Application


● Advanced design, exciter, and force match properly.

● Enclosed structure can effectively prevent dust invasion.

● Resisting high temperature, protect oil and extending service life.

● Enough exciting force to ensure the output effect.

● Hundreds of models to meet the requirements of various installation dimensions.

● High efficient energy saving and low energy consumption design


Vibrating motor is a common vibrating source for various vibrating machines, such as vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, oscillating conveyor, vibratory shakeout machine, vibrating shaking table, and so on. It is widely used in electric power, building materials, coal, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, foundry, and other industries.

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