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Extruded Aluminum Louver Blade Profile
Now we are launching new aluminum alloy photo frames, picture frames, elevator poster photo frames, exhibition display frames, certificate frames, modern minimalist decorative paintings, and profile wholesale. There are hundreds of aluminum alloy frame styles, 6 kinds of mainstream colors (silver, bright silver, titanium gold, purple gold, black, porcelain swimming local gold), the surface treatment process includes drawing, electrophoresis, polishing, polishing, electroplating and so on.

Basic Info

Item Name

Extruded aluminum louver blade profile

Material Grade

Alloy 6000 Series (6061,6063,6463,6082)




Aluminum Extrusion

Surface treatment

Anodizing, powder coated, sandblasting, electrophoresis, fluorocarbon etc



Anodizing thickness

8-25 um

Power Coating thickness

40-120 um


Depends on drawings


The Standard length is 3m-6m, or customized

Deep processing

cutting, drilling, punching, bending, etc

2D&3D Design

Auto CAD, 3D, AI, SLD, PRT. IGS, PDF, JPEG etc.

Engineering& Tooling

1: 8 Engineers in Mold Shop.

2: Use high tonnage extruder, Wire EDM, CNC, Drilling machines etc.

Quality Control

1.SO Approved.

2.CE Approved

3.Inspection at Site.

4.Inspection Before Shipping.

5.Testing Machine.

Packing details

(1) Inside : packed with plastic protective film to protect each piece

(2) Outside: Wrap to be bundles by waterproof craft paper


(1) Die Developing and Sample testing: 12-18 days .

(2) Mass Production completed: 20-30days after sample is confirmed by Buyer.

Payment Term

T/T 30% for deposit, balance before shipping.

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