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Silicon manganese alloy 6014(Mnsi60-14)
Silicon manganese 60 14 alloy is an alloy composed of manganese, silicon, iron and a small amount of carbon and other elements.Silicon manganese alloy is an iron alloy with a wide range of uses and a large output. Silicon-manganese alloy is a compound deoxidizer commonly used in steelmaking, as well as a reducing agent for low carbon ferro manganese production and electro silicon thermal production of manganese metal.
Advantages of using silicon-manganese alloy 60 14:
Silicon and manganese in silicon manganese alloy have a strong affinity for oxygen, the use of silicon manganese alloy steel, resulting in deoxidation, with low melting point, large particles, easy to float, deoxidation effect and other advantages.
Silicon-manganese alloy plays an alloying role on the properties of steel in the form of alloying elements. Manganese is also a conventional desulfurizing element, which can prevent the hot brittleness of steel and improve the machining properties and mechanical properties of steel.
The substitution of high carbon ferromanganese and part of ferromanganese with manganese-silicon alloy with relative density similar to molten steel is beneficial for the ferromanganese particles added to ladle to enter molten steel and prolong the interaction time between the ferromanganese and molten steel, and the recovery rates of silicon and manganese are significantly increased.
The use of silicon-manganese alloy instead of high-carbon ferro manganese reduces the amount of low-density ferro manganese, which is conducive to the entry of silicon into molten steel, thus reducing the amount of alloy.


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