onic Detox Foot Bath Basin Tub Price : 0 $

Website: https://www.sdyfu.net/ion-foot-bath-machine/ion-foot-spa-machine/ionic-detox-foot-bath-basin-tub.html
[Large size basin]: The size is 50*38*14cm, suitable for large and small feet, deep enough to soak the array.

[Ergonomic design]: Wave-shaped handles on both sides, easy to take, suitable for carrying, the round plastic contour at the bottom has a massage effect.

[High-quality foot bath]: Made of high-grade ABS material, it is used for spa, detoxification and foot massage. It is the perfect choice for soaking feet, toe nails and ankles.

[Professional foot bath]: It can be used in conjunction with any ion detox foot bath system, or it can be used alone.

[Product use]: A good personal foot bath for massage and relaxation, and can also be used for professional purposes, such as beauty salons/salons, etc./spa, etc.

[Risk-free purchase]: We provide a 12-month warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you have any questions, please contact us directly, please rest assured to order.


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