Plant Growth Inhibitor Chlorpropham 95%TC CAS: 101-21-3 Suppress Potato Germination Price : 0 $

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To suppress the germination of potatoes? chlorpropham is definitely the best choice.


Chlorpropham is both plant growth regulator and herbicide. It inhibits the activity of β amylase, inhibits the synthesis of plant RNA and protein, interferes with oxidative phosphorylation and photosynthesis, and disrupts cell division, so it is often used to inhibit potato germination during storage. In the meantime, chlorpropham is a highly selective pre-emergence or early post-emergence herbicide. The medicament is absorbed by the grass sheath of grass weeds, mainly absorbed by the roots of plants, and can also be absorbed by the leaves.

It can also be used for thinning flowers and thinning fruits.

Applicable crops:

---Used as an inhibitor of germination

Potato, Onion, Ginger, Carrot

---Used as herbicide

control annual grass weeds and some broad-leaved grasses in crops such as wheat, corn, alfalfa, sunflower, portulaca, beet, soybean, rice, kidney bean, carrot, spinach, lettuce, onion, pepper, etc.

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Contact: Ms.Saturn Han
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