YZO Series Industrial Vibration Motors From Manufacturer Shanghai SHANGZHEN Price : 0 $

Website: http://www.svibratormotor.com
Shanghai SHANGZHEN provides a variety of YZO series industrial vibration motors. The brand has been leading the Chinese industrial vibration market for more than 20 years.

YZO series industrial vibration motors are characterized by comprehensive applicability, durability, and optimized power-to-weight ratio. This is why these motors are used in machinery and mechanical engineering around the world.

All YZO vibration motors are completely manufactured in China using the latest technology. This ensures the high standard performance and operational reliability of the vibration motor.

Combined with our application expertise, the various vibration motors of the YZO series enable us to provide a wide range of effective vibration solutions.

YZO series vibrator motors have many good features:

High-quality materials

Class F insulation

Durable seal

Quality bearings

Sturdy structure

Our industrial vibration motors have low noise and have a very high ratio of exciting force to motor weight. These dust-proof vibration motors contain long-life bearings and provide 0-100% excitation force adjustment capability. Our vibration motors also include junction boxes and cables and are assembled with compression lock washers to prevent the vibration motors from loosening over time.


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