Zero Fit infrared touch conference machine Price : 0 $

This is a high-end conference electronic whiteboard. It uses zero-fit technology, better touch writing function, and a very classic appearance. It has many features:

1.The screen has zero bonding technology, no barrier display effect, and a new whiteboard writing experience.

2.The industry's simplest large-size assembly process, nested assembly, eliminating the need for special laminating equipment.

3.Ultra-thin infrared structure solution, the thinnest part is 23.9mm

4.Compatible with international standard OPS solution

5.The main board terminal board series are common, and the material preparation and after-sales are simple; the front terminal port movable mold and the speaker net mold are common.

6.The back shell mold stamping metal back shell has good strength, good versatility, stable quality, good heat dissipation and strong anti-interference ability.

7.The screen is matte anti-glare/good touch.

8.Built-in 1200W camera and 8m pickup microphone, LCD screen and tempered glass zero bonding process, with high-precision infrared writing experience more real, it is the best choice for high-end meetings


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