Hydrogel, Pmma, Macrolane butt injections kits with an injector to travel to you. Price : 0 $

Email - [email protected] for more details.
Fillers are Pure Hydro/Pmma/Macrolane gel (Permanent-Polyacrylamide)
Syringes: 1.0ml,2.0ml,30ml,5.0ml,10ml,20ml,50ml

Antibiotic to take to prevent infection, a Muscle Relaxer, Anesthesia and After Care Instructions to take home.

For almost instant enhancement in size of these areas;
1. Upper buttock
2. Middle buttock
3. Lower buttock
4. Hip expansion
5. Outer thighs

Anastasia and after care meds for quick recovery, free delivery and traveling to all parts of UK,USA,CANADA and a little fee to other countries.
All we need is your name, phone number and where you live to arrange your order or to book an appointment at your convenient.
The gel is limited , hurry and get the ideal shape of your butt. Round Bubble Shape couple with the Jiggly Natural Feel
100% Safe All Medical Ingredients
Increase your butt size naturally in weeks!
Also helps to reduce cellulite on thighs and butt!
100% Money Back

Hydrogel/Pmma/Macrolane injections are a great option for anyone looking for more projection on the back and front end. Most people think that buttocks or breast implants are their only option to get good projection and a round firm butt/boobs. Contact me via the email on the picture for more details and before and after pics on
how to achieve a perfect and attractive size without knifes passing on you all in the name of surgery.

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