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1.5G PURE COLUMBIAN COCAINE 91% PURE….https://www.globalonlinepharmcy.com

Amazing Columbian Cocaine
91% purity coming straight off the block, you will be getting some potent material , which we are sure you will be happy with.
It is of the highest quality, the smell is distinctive, just like petrol and its creamy shade with flaky texture, it hits your throat and it will have you stimulated within a couple of minutes.
We turn a lot of stuff away, filtering through many different materials, we have careful testing and quality control to ensure we are providing materials of the finest quality.
Common slang words for cocaine
* Coke
* Blow
* Big C
* Charlie
* Flake
* Happy dust
* Percy
* Star dust
* White
* Dust
* Line
* Rail
* Snow
* Powder
* Stash
* Pearl
* Bum

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