SunTouch Radiant Floor warming Mats KIT 30" Width Price : 128 $

SunTouch Electric Radiant Floor Heat Mats KIT 2' X 5' - 10 Sq. Ft - 120 Volt
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Complete Installation Kit
This Kit Include: • Mat 10 sq. ft • Programmable Thermostat Model 500670 • SunTouch Extra Temp Sensor
• Loudmouth Installation Monitor • Double Sided Tape • Installation DVD • Installation Manual
SunTouch® electric radiant heated floor mats are designed to warm stone and tile floors in bathrooms, kitchens, entries and sunrooms
Forget ice cold floors. SunTouch electric radiant floor heating feels like a gentle foot-massage or a walk on a warm beach. Almost any surface in your home can become warm and dry.
Roll out SunTouch on your subfloor or suspend SunTouch UnderFloor between you floor joists. Either mat is easily installed. See our product sections for complete details on your next radiant floor heating project.
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