Top shelf indoors medical marijuana available for wholesale and retail Price : 1 $

shelf genetic healthy pre teens an clones available at discount prices ????call/text (4136850773)
… Pre teens. 12 15inches 15$ an 4 …6
Inches goes to 8$ 7 …10 inches goes for 10$
Alien Cookies
Grape Pie
Purple Punch 2.0
Punch Breath
Wedding Crasher

Mac 1
Unicorn Poop
Trop Punch
Sherbert Zkittlez
Lava Cake
Watermelon Kush
Watermelon Zkittlez

LA Kush Cake
Kush Mintz
Platinum Punch
Platinum Kush Breath
Wedding Mintz

White Runtz
Melonade 2.0
Dosi Punch
Beach Wedding
London Pound Cake
Sherb Crasher

All Clones Are Bug & Disease ~~~~
Fully Rooted In 1 Gallon Pots Of Promix HP
Local Pick Up or Delivery Available
Contact information below
Call or text(4136850773)

$ 1 4136850773

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