Medical marijuana strains
We grow medicinal marijuana and have legit distributors of different varieties of hash oil, weed wax, hemp oil and marijuana strains that are good for cancer,brain tumor, insomia and many other illness.
Below you find a short list we have available in stock but we have much more so please visit our website:

Email: drwilliam469…
Text or Call us :: (310) 596-3701

Hash Oil,
Honey Comb Wax OilWax Oil
Cannabis Oil
*Hemp Oil Essential Fatty Acid
*Kosher Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil 8 OZ
*honey oil
*Black oil
*Indian oil
Marijuana strains available
*Blue Cheese
*OG Kush
*Grape Ape
*Super Lemon Haze
*Sour Diesel
*Sour Kush
*Blue Dream
*White Widow
*Purple Kush
*Bubba Kush
*Super Silver Haze
*Apollo 13
* Jack Herer
*Hawaiian Snow
*Jack the Ripper
Vanilla Kush
*Juicy Fruit
* C-99
*Chocolate Chunk
*LA Confidential
* Canyon

*Sinsemilla****Orange Kush, Purple-Skunk, Banana Kush, pineapple express, Night Queen, Big Bud, Purple Haze, Cheese, Blue Dream,White Russia, White Widow, Strawberry Cough and many othersfor more. No medical ID card needed – Super stealth double vacuum sealed ######## to USA,UK, Europe, Canada, Austria, Australia .
Email: drwilliam469…
Text or Call us :: (310) 596-3701

$ 100 3105963701

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