Greenhouse, Outdoor, Indoor (multiple units available) Price : 120 $

We got top quality medical maijuana buds of all top quality strains at affordable prices.We are professional
growers and sell to our customers directly at affordable prices and we are
sure of the quality our strains such as……….********************
Blackberry kush,
Larry OG Kush
Cherry Purple
Strawberry Sour diesel
Ghost train OG,
Girl Scout cookies,
Dogs Brain OG,
Gorilla Glue.
Jack Herrer,
Blue Dream,
Lambs Bread,
Holy Grail OG,
Purple Gilato.Girl Scout Cookies
text/call…..+1 703-594-6264
Wickr ID:....dispensary4us
Email...……[email protected]

$ 120 +1 703-594-6264

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