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M14ADD or ‘Methyl-1,4androstenediol’ as it is otherwise known is an extremely potent, yet legal precursor to the most popular oral anabolic ever - ‘Dianabol’. Although the conversion rate is believed to be around 15-20% M14ADD has muscle building properties of its own, even without conversion, making for very impressive mass and strength gains. GoldStar’s M14ADD is one of the true ‘wet’ prohormones left on the market. Wet prohormones have long been favoured for their rapid muscle and mass gains plus the euphoric on cycle feeling and ‘alpha attitude’.

M1,4ADD Supplements:

It’s recommended that users supplement with a quality Multi-Vitamin and Fish Oil throughout the ENTIRE cycle. You should stop taking any other supplements on Cycle as well such as Creatine, NO, Test Boosters and so on, these should be saved for PCT in order to preserve strength. It’s heavily recommended that during PCT, you add Creatine and a Cell Volumizer type of product. Supplementing with Protein is highly recommended on cycle.

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