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We guarantee you of a 100% best quality strains with high great potency.

Medical Marijuana Strains’Grade:A++ Top Shelf

*Mexican brick fluffy and compress
*magic mushrooms
*GDP HoneyComb Wax
*Girl Scout Cookies
*Blueberry Yum Yum
*Mango Kush
*Sour OG Kush
*Green Crack
*sour Diesel
*Grand Daddy Purple
*Sensi Star x ak47
*Afghan Kush
*Northe Lights #5
*Lemon drop
*Purple Kush
*OG Kush
Medical Grade Oil,
Cannabis Capsules,
UV GLOWING Hash Candy,
Canna ‘Bombs’
Oil for sale for cancer
Black oil,
We also offer
Pian Killer pilss,
Weight Loss,
Sleeping Pills and research Chemicals.

For any strains not on our list just text for we have many more in stock.
CALL OR TEXT (410) 357-1060
[email protected]

Delivery will be same day with overnight discreet delivery.

(410) 357-1060

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